Aelan Internet

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Where Can I Get Internet Access?

Aelan Internet is able to provide internet to the whole of Vanuatu. A 1.2m VSAT dish is used to deliver internet to its users in Vanuatu. Fast reliable internet at unbelievable monthly prices.

What’s included in the Terminal Fee?

One off payment for:

  • 1.2meter Ka Band Antenna
  • 3watt Ka Band Transceiver
  • MDM 2510 Modem
  • Twin Coaxial Cables RG6
  • Antenna Steel Post
  • Installation & Dish Alignment

Choose an internet plan

  • Six plans are on offer.
  • From 20Mbps to 100Mbps.
  • Its your choice how fast you want to access online content.
  • All of the internet at your fingertips

Sign Up!

Unsure on the data plan that works for you?

Consult Aelan Internet sales and tech team and we will gladly assist.

Schedule your installation

We take care of everything!

A Site survey is done and team will choose the best location to for your dish to be installed in your area.

This means, a steel pole and the mount the dish. Dish alignment is done straight away and we ensure you get online ASAP.