Ecowise Solar Outdoor Filament LED Cafe Lights 10 Bulbs

Get that magical vibe in your backyard with these gorgeous Solar Outdoor Filament Cafe Lights. Create a beautiful space for yourself and loved ones in the late evening, where the warmth of this ambient lights will brighten even the gloomiest of nights.

With no need for power plugs, you are free to hang these sun powered beauties in your favourite spots all around the patio and garden, adding a bright touch of wonder to your home.

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  • Solar Outdoor
  • Filament LED
  • Café Lights
  • 10 LED Bulbs


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Bright but not overpowering
  • Pleasant ambience
  • Charge 10 hours in fine weather
  • Working time 6-8 hours when fully charge
  • No wiring required
  • Material: Glass Bulb + Plastic Copper
  • LED: 10X Eco Led – Vertical LED
  • Colour: Warm White