MFT-EVA Essential Video Analytics


Essential Video Analytics 6.60 by Bosch is the system of choice when you need reliable video analytics for small and medium business, large retail stores, commercial buildings, and warehouses. The software system reliably detects, tracks, and analyzes moving objects while suppressing unwanted alarms from spurious sources in the image. Advanced tasks like multiple line crossing, loitering, crowd density estimation, and people counting are available. Object filter based on size, speed, direction, aspect ratio, and color can be defined. For calibrated cameras, the software automatically distinguishes between the object types upright person, car, bike, and truck. With Essential Video Analytics 6.60, ease of setup has been improved by providing scenario defaults and allowing alarm field combinations via the user interface. It allows you to record all of the object information and change the rules even after the fact for fully configurable forensic search.


Tamper detection

The built-in tamper detection generates alarms on camera hooding/masking, blinding, defocusing, and repositioning.

Dedicated tracking modes

Essential Video Analytics includes dedicated tracking modes optimized for the following tasks:

  • Intrusion detection
  • Indoor people counting
  • Asset protection (don’t touch!)

Alarm and statistic tasks

The following alarm and statistic tasks are available:

  • Detect objects within, entering, or leaving a single area or up to 3 areas in a specified order
  • Detect multiple line crossing from single line up to 3 lines combined in a specified order
  • Detect objects traversing a route
  • Detect loitering in an area related to radius and time 
  • Detect objects which are idle for a predefined time span
  • Detect removed objects
  • Detect objects who’s properties such as size, speed, direction, and aspect ratio change within a configured time span according to specification (for example something falling down)
  • Count objects crossing a virtual line
  • Count objects within an area and alarm if a predefined limit is reached
  • Detect a certain crowd level in a predefined field
  • Combine tasks using scripts

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