BOSCH – Camera AUTODOME IP Starlight 5100i IR

  • 30X, 4MP high detail at fast speeds (60 fps)
  • Starlight technology with 1/1.8 inch HD sensor for excellent low-light performance
  • HDR X technology with up to 133dB dynamic range and fewer motion-related artifacts
  • Combination of 320 m (1050 ft) IR (850 nm) + White light LEDs
  • Rain-sensing wiper for improved images in rain and in dirty urban conditions
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NDP-5523-Z30L PTZ 4MP HDR 30x IP66 pendant IR

Specially designed for covertness, and tuned for applications where surveillance in scenes with changing light levels is necessary, the camera has an integrated 30X optical zoom to identify people at a distance of more than 280 m (919 ft). The new HDR technology (HDR X) is ideal for PTZ cameras. With the motion-optimized HDR feature, operators can use HDR imaging in scenes with challenging light levels without seeing blur when the camera is moving. With a 1/1.8-inch, ultra HD sensor and integrated IR and white light illumination, the camera provides superior low-light and no-light performance for outstanding image quality with sharp focus details and excellent color reproduction even under challenging lighting conditions. The integrated, rain-sensing wiper automatically wipes water from the camera window to ensure outstanding image quality in bad weather.